Brandon Fielding - Contract Sales

Brandon is a longtime
resident of Pender Harbour and worked at the store for 3 years before moving to Vancouver.  Brandon has now moved back to the Harbour and can be found behind the counter ready to help you with your building materials, quotes, and special orders.

Sam Beaton - hardware

Sam is a new addition to the Sunshine Coast as he just recently built his dream home in our community.  If you need help with a hinge, a bolt, or a specialty type of hardware you have been looking for, he will gladly help you with any questions you may have.

Tom turner - Door & Window Specialist

A long time resident of the Sunshine Coast, Tom takes care of contractor sales with a focus on new projects.  He is our door and window specialist and can order what you need to complete any project.  If you have a project plan or idea, bring it to Tom, he will help you make it a reality.

Barry Stewart - Plumbing & Electrical

Barry has been in the building supply industry for 16 years and counting.  Barry recently moved to the Sunshine Coast from Hope, where he worked at the local Rona store.  He has vast experience in all departments and is ready to help you with any projects you are undertaking.


Tim is Operations Manager for RONA Sunshine Coast and is responsible for the flow of product into and out of the store including ordering and merchandising.  He has a vast product knowledge and can assist you with finding just what you need.

steve wharton - Store Leader

Steve is our Store Leader and Contract Sales Manager.  Steve grew up in Pender Harbour and is proud to call it his home.   Steve handles the day-to-day functions of the store and ensures that all of our customers are taken care of.

Tess jones – owner/customer service   

As a busy mother of two children, we were happy to leave the hustle and bustle of Vancouver to settle in our beautiful community of the Sunshine Coast.  We enjoy the serene environment that every loves here on the coast.  You can find Tess in the garden centre where she enjoys helping customers and assisting with their garden projects.

russ jones - OWNER/PRESIDENT

Russ and his wife Tess purchased the Madeira Park store from RONA in August 2011.  After working 31 years in the building supplies industry, we took the plunge and purchased our own store.  With 26 years experience at RONA, most recently as the regional director for the stores of British Columbia, Russ led the Olympic venue construction and sponsorship for RONA in preparation for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic winter games.  Russ is proud to be part of building this community.